Gfive Arquitectos


Integral architect graduated from the National Experimental University of Tachira UNET Venezuela in 2014. With experience in office work and knowledge of work, enough to solve small and medium scale projects.

Seriousness, responsibility, honesty, collaborator, teamwork, willing to acquire new knowledge to complement my professional and personal training.

Work Experience:

- AV Arquitectos S.A.S | 2017. Resident architect of construction work for commercial use (Restaurant) with 5 floors (800 m2) in the city of Bogotá.

- Inversiones Aguadulce, C.A | 2014 - 2017. Company dedicated to the planning and execution of radio base station projects for Telefónica Venezolana, C.A (Movistar) and high voltage projects. Architectural projects of private investment. Architect Designer and Construction Inspector.

- Architect Javier García | 2013 - 2015. Professional free exercise, with projects of different uses (commercial, recreational, sports, housing, urban, welfare, etc). Collaborating design architect.

- Freelance Architect | 2013 - 2017. Architect designer in free exercise in diverse nature.

Main Skills:

Design of architectural concepts 100%
Architectural design and details of major projects 100%
Project Management 90%
Coordination of multidisciplinary construction and design teams 80%
Management of architecture and graphic design programs 80%